Eolo Lodge

This exclusive mountain lodge was built in 2005 in the style of the old Patagonian wool farmhouses but with all of the modern technology and comfortable indulgences, in a jaw-dropping scenery. 

Los Alamos 

Visitors to Calafate will love the central location of this cozy guesthouse in the heart of El Calafate next to Argentino Lake.


Situated in the city of El Calafate, the ultra-modern Esplendor offers 57 spacious rooms in a striking interior design incorporating Patagonian elements of nature, combining lots of wood and stone with modern fabrics like resin and colored fiber.

Casa Los Sauces 

Not just one ‘casa’ but a series of them in the style of classic and rustic stone Patagonian farmhouses, each one containing six to ten spacious suites with separate living rooms and private terraces.

Design Suites

This hotel from the Design Suites-chain stands out from its sisters in Buenos Aires and Bariloche by the contemporary design from renowned architect Carlos Ott, mixing eco-friendly materials such as wood and glass in a rugged asymmetrical structure from the outside.