Estrella Amazónica

Authentic Amazon Experience. Enjoy unrivaled access to the Peruvian rainforest’s most pristine areas and the company of the river’s most knowledgeable guides. Aboard La Estrella Amazonica River cruise you’ll create a lifetime of memories: the joy in the eyes of a village child when you visit their school; the enveloping darkness of the jungle; or the awe of floating along narrow streams accompanied by pink dolphins. Drawing on insight from our native Amazon travel guides, visiting different villages and tributaries, ensuring you get the most authentic rainforest experience possible.


Travelers who want to explore the Amazon from the water and penetrate deep into what was once inaccessible jungle, are in for a deluxe treat onboard the M/V Aqua. This large boat organizes 3, 4 or 7 night cruises. 


Delfin has been offering exclusive 3 and 4-night programs since 2006, combining boutique travel while experiencing the beautiful surroundings of the Amazon rainforest.