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February 28, 2014-US citizens are no longer required to pay the $160 reciprocity fee upon entering Chile. US citizens can enter Chile for up to 90 days on a tourist visa with a valid passport.  Chile has signed a bilateral agreement with the US Government.

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Borello Travel & Tours is pleased to announce the release of our new website. Our new site has been redesigned with a fresh new look and has been updated with information.

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  • Ride aboard the Train to the Clouds, one of the highest railways in the world, taking its way across the high picks of the Cordillera de los Andes, surrounded by striking sceneries and hike in Tilcara with a private guide accompanied by “llamas” to visit a typical Andean family.
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  • ToFrom MIA  From NYC  
    Buenos Aires
    From USD 898
    From USD 898
    From USD 849
    From USD 849
    Montevideo From USD 997 From USD 849
    Santiago From USD 899 From USD 899
    Sao Paulo | Rio From USD 910 From USD 897
    Quito | Guayaquil From USD 544 From USD 561
    Lima From USD 655 From USD 556

    Business Class non stop flight:
    To        From MIA  From NYC  
    Buenos Aires        From USD 1644 From USD 1644

    Blackout Dates apply.
    Final price will include the following taxes, Airport passenger facility charges (PFCs) of up to USD $18 roundtrip; September 11th Security Fee of 2.50 USD per enplanement at a U.S.airport; Other government taxes and fees of up to 140.00 USD based on destination; total may vary slightly based upon currency exchange rate at time of purchase. Prices are subject to availability and may change without notice. updated on 11 apr 2014.

  • BTT presents special packages with International and Internal airfare with LAN Airlines.
  • Explore with us the wonders of the southernmost Patagonian channels and see the main attractions of Tierra del Fuego, Strait of Magellan, Beagle Channel and Cape Horn. Free cabin up grade from B to A in selected 2014 departures.